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Portuguese Atlantic Youth Association News Clipping Nr. 3

(Boing C-17 Globemaster III at PAPA Airbase)

Dear and Esteemed Friends and Colleagues,
The third news clipping is as follows:


Title: Russia Proposes Anti-piracy cooperation with NATO
Source: English People's Daily Online

NATO and Russia have suspended their military-to-military cooperation after Russia-Georgia’s war, but the recent events of piracy in the seas of Africa are changing this issue. Dimitry Rogozin, Russian ambassador to NATO, has proposed military cooperation with NATO to control piracy. Rogozin said that one of Russia’s plans is the creation of an international court to decide on those matters.

Title: Russia Warns Against Arms Sales to Georgia
Source: The New York Times

Georgia is expecting a weapon supply from the USA, but President Medvedev has recently announced that Russia will impose sanctions to those who dare to sell weapons to Georgia. President Medvedev has said that it’s more dangerous rearming Georgian people than Georgia’s entrance to NATO. After Russia-Georgia’s war, U.S.A. only supports Georgia’s army with training and organization. Despite these new events President Medvedev has said that Russia needs good and friendly relations with USA.

Title: EU's Solana in Afghanistan visits
Source: BBC News

The presidential election in Afghanistan is near and in order to assure the good electoral process, Javier Solana, the European Union foreign policy chief, will travel to Afghanistan. The EU will send an election observer mission for the presidential and provincial council elections. Mr. Solana will meet the Afghanistan foreign minister and the head of the EU mission in order to emphasize the EU support in Afghanistan.

Title: Biden in Ukraine to assure leaders of U.S. backing
Source: Reuters

The American vice-president Joe Biden arrived in Ukraine aiming to establish diplomatic talks and to assure the American presence in Eastern Europe. Biden has found internal problems in the country, due to manifestations against the government. The Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko wants to guarantee the American support in case of a Russian threat. The vice-president Joe Biden has declared that Ukraine needs some changes, mainly in energetic policies so that the country can reduce the energetic dependence on Russia.

Title: Obama’s Inheritance: Al-Qaeda in Retreat
Source: World Affairs Journal

One of President Obama’s speeches had some critics to George W. Bush’s national security policies, but president Obama might be wrong. George. W. Bush left USA presidency with a feeling of safety guaranteed by its 2688 days passed without a terrorist attack on its soil.
Analyzing the inheritance of George W. Bush, we can see that when Mr. Bush went to the White House, there were too many terrorist problems in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Then, in 7 years, the great efforts of the Bush administration have made important changes in the leadership of those states and nowadays America can easily avoid the terrorism. Now it’s time to President Obama keep the safety left by George W. Bush.

Tiago Alfarroba
Portuguese Atlantic Youth Association

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